Installation of Convertible Car Seat in Compact Cars

When you make your child’s car seat tight to the car and the strap snug to their body that’s their parachute. If the seat is loose in the car or the straps are loose to the child’s body then they come to a stop. But now it’s a jolting stop like landing on your feet and that’s what hurts, so it’s important to make sure that the straps are snug to the body. If you were to jump out of a plane with a parachute harness you wouldn’t wear a bulky coat or a snow suit or put other fluff under your harness. Because you would be afraid and you would be correct that the harness was not holding you tight. So for your baby in winter time you’ll want to layer them and three to four thin tight layers under the straps.

How to use blankets to keep the baby warm over top of the straps now that I’m ready to put the baby in the first thing. I need to do is loosen up the straps if you find on your child’s car seat there’s going to be a strap at the bottom. Here if you follow the strap to its origin right above their you’re going to find some type of a tab. You’re either going to push down or lift up on the tab with one hand and the other hand is going to pull forward on the shoulder straps. At the same time I’ve already loosened them because I can’t do it with one hand. Now I’m going to put the baby in the first thing make sure that her bottom is all the way into the back of the car seat. If you’re not sure if she’s all the way into the back take her little thighs and kind of wiggle her into the back. Now I’m going to put the straps on her it’s kind of like she’s going to wear a vest where her arm is going to go the whole. I’m going to buckle between her legs and I’m going to do the same on the other side her arm goes through the hole. These are a few good qualities and features of best convertible car seat for small cars. Buckle the clip across her chest but keep it low it’s important to know that straps are like shoelaces. If you pulled your shoelaces tight at the bow your ankles get tight but your toe is stay loose a similar problem happens in car seats. Pull the tail here at the bottom you can get the shoulders snug but the slack that started in the legs just stays.

The first thing I want you to do is slide the chest clip all the way down to the child’s belly just for a minute then you’re going to take hold of the shoulder straps and you’re going to pull upwards and you see how I can gather all the slack to her shoulders. I look down all the slack is out of the leg area then let go and pull the tail at the bottom of the seat. Then check and take the shoulder straps again and pull upwards. Check to make sure that no slack comes up there was a little bit so pull here at the tail again and then check again. This is snug there’s no slack that comes up just my finger fits at her collarbone if I felt like there was enough room to fit two fingers stacked on top that would be too loose.

The straps are snug, move the chest clip run your fingers across the top and tickle their armpits that’s the proper position for it. It will help to keep the straps properly positioned on her shoulders. It is very common for babies to fuss when you put them in the seat. How to calm her by swaddle her take a thin swaddle blanket make it just a little wider than the car seat. Keep her arms down and use one hand to do so and use your other hand to tuck the blanket all the way under her. Then stretch the blanket across her with some tension and tuck in the other side all the way under her body way under her legs and under her feet. A lot of times babies are still fussing at this point so tap and shush to calm her down.


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