When it comes to dental problems, choosing a dentist is very important decision, listed below are the goals through which you can select your dentist and furthermore we are providing you a list of Top10 Dentist in USA

First narrow down the top dentist located in your area, then look if he had all necessary requirements needed to be a dentist must have a license and should be authorized by American Dental Association ADA. Their training should be of three or more years from undergraduate school and additional four-year dental training from dental school. These are the minimum requirement to obtain a dental degree. With a degree dentist can carry on routine checkups as dental x-rays, cavity fillings, teeth cleaning, general tooth extraction, if you want extensive care then see if the dentist is specialized in that field or not

a dentist is able to perform common procedures such as routine dental check-ups, dental x-rays, cavity fillings, teeth cleaning, halitosis treatment and general tooth extraction. However, if your dental needs go beyond routine care then there are several specialties for each specific need. Each specialty requires an additional two to four years of schooling (see section on Dental Specialties).


How Dentists Were Selected

Consumers’ Research Council of America has a proper list of Top Dentists throughout the United States this creates a criteria to is supposed to be followed by to dentist. The criteria is as follows:


Dentist holding Toothbrush Experience:  Each year the dentist has been in practice

Training:  Education and Continuing Education

Board Certification:  ADA recognized Dental specialties

Professional Associations:  Membership in Dental associations


Dentist that hake accumulated these above mentioned points is qualified for the list. This does not mean that other dentist is bad but just that they are not qualified enough for specific projects


Eric Fugier

9201 Sunset Blvd.  Suite 901

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 859-1575


Specialises in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, he was a founder of teeth whitening veneers going all the way back to 1980’s and known as a “dentist to the stars.”  Past clients include super-agent Lew Wasserman and Marvel Comics pioneer Stan Lee. More recently, the doctor has fixed a few broken teeth for Bruce Willis, and has got natural looking chipped tooth for a few movie rolls. Fugier has traveled abroad for a celebrity client implant and has worked with Lionel Richie and Jody Foster, among other entertainment notables


Rick Glassman

Two Dole Drive

Westlake Village, CA 91362

(818) 575-8042


he has three decades of dentengrity practices, including Chao pinhole non-invasive surgical technique for gums, and therapeutic injections for TMJ and migraines; Dr. Glassman has been behind the scenes on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster smile. Glassman went on to help Johnny Depp get into character by looking decayed with missing teeth via 18-24K gold veneers as Captain Jack for the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The dentist also made artificial spaces for Depp’s teeth for Alice in Wonderland  The doctor is also a UCLA faculty instructor in restorative dentistry and an advocate of teeth preservation.


Arthur Glosman

450 N. Roxbury Drive #222

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



The modern spa atmosphere has welcomed patients from Paris Hilton to LaToya Jackson and LMFAO. Through a scaffolding support technique from inside the lip which helps to support the soft tissue from inside the mouth for a more youthful and vibrant look with no cutting or plastic surgery, yet it restores the lower third of face. This might just be the new facelift.


Joseph Goodman

Beverly Hills Dental Group

241 S Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(310) 860-9311


the Dr. Phil Show would regularly send their distinguished guests to Dr. Joseph Goodman for a smile enhancement before the taping of the show. The office specializes in cosmetic and advance general dentistry which is a hot button issue “Patients want treatment based on a holistic philosophy,” he says. Goodman is one of the few dentists in the U.S. using Ozone treatments – a water and oxygen mixture to clean teeth and treat the gum to kill bacteria. It’s a powerful and popular solution to disinfect in Europe but just taking off in the states.



444 S San Vicente Blvd. #1101

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 423-9600


Dr. Graff-Radford’s is an expert in the study of neuropathic facial pain and headache. He has written more than 140 articles, book chapters and scientific abstracts. He lectures nationally and internationally on the subject of head and neck pain management – including topical intervention and in some cases botox, along with diet, exercise and relaxation training. He is also Director of The Program for Headache and Orofacial Pain Program, Pain Center at Cedar-Sinai and makes many house calls to treat busy celebrity and industry patients


Edward Ines

416 N. Bedford Drive #304

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



“”I’m trying to make them (teeth) look real with by mimicking the natural biology of the tooth that blends with the rest of the teeth. Sometimes, white is not the best especially under camera lights washing out the color of the teeth in my opinion.”


Sherry Sami

Happy Kids Dental Planet

5017 Lewis Road Suite A

Agoura Hills, CA

(818) 578-4894


She concentrates on nutrition, prevention, education, and positive reinforcements in a nurturing environment while seeing the off-spring many A-list clientele


Michael A. Vourakis

Brentwood Medical Plaza

11980 San Vicente Blvd. #606

Los Angeles, CA 90049

(310) 207-7400


Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, many of the doctor’s patients slip in at 7 a.m. in the morning undetected or they need to shut down the building. Dr. Vourakis was previously at Toluca Lake Dentistry, were they worked with Halle Berry and Will Smith among others. Director of The Help and Get on Up, Tate Taylor, is one of current industry patients who trust their pearly whites to the Westside doctor.


Kevin Sands DDS


Dr. Kevin B. Sands specializes in cosmetic dentistry, taking pride in offering the finest in patient care and services to each and every patient. He is determined to give you the smile you deserve! In fact, some of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood have come through our doors.

Dr. Sands has trained with some of the worlds most prominent cosmetic dental specialists. He is rapidly becoming known Beverly Hills leading cosmetic dentist for people who want to look younger and feel better about their teeth. Dr. Sands provides a cosmetic look that’s you and you alone. Even the most subtle difference in tooth size, shape, texture, and color can be part of your overall look. Dr. Sands considers your gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, so your smile reflects who you are.


Dr. Aamir Wahab DDS

Dr. Wahab has trained with some of the

world’s leading cosmetic dentists and has attended the most selective

cosmetic dental training programs available.  Dr. Wahab brings several years of experience to the residents of

Beverly Hills where he takes pride offering the finest care and services to each and every patient His goal is to use his artistic touch to provide his patients with the smile they deserve.

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