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The fashion brand Tibi provides a wide range of durable, stylish and premium brand wears for all seasons. From the pleated cropped sweaters, to the high rise leg pants, Midi skirts, corset tops, mule loafers, and ankle boots, there seem to be no end to your options here.

The pleated sleeves cashmere cropped sweater, is one of the most convenient sweaters you can find here. It is not only stylish, it also comes in the right colours- the pink coloured sweater appeals to all ladies because of its gentle but warm outlook. If you are looking for wide leg pants, you may want to go for the light brown colour trench high rise wide leg-pants offered here. It comes with a wide leg for convenience, and it is quite simple to wear, making you comfortable all day long.

One of the newest additions to Tibi’s range of collections is the Sunray Pleated Flume Midi Skirt, a fascinating skirt that has enjoyed a relatively wide acceptance from ladies who understand the comfort of having a midi skirt. This skirt is expandable to fit your waist and hip measurements; therefore you wouldn’t have to struggle with it. The off shoulder corset top is another great choice you may want to add to your wardrobe this season. It has a predominantly black colour and it will definitely keep you warm all day.

The bustier shirt from Tibi is simply awesome, yet simple in nature. This is a long sleeve arm shirt with a fine blend of black and white. You can spot it on, when going to the office or any other formal occasion. The metallic mule loafers is simply a pair of loafers you will enjoy wearing every day. They come with flat yet comfortable soles, alongside a lovely gold metallic surface – this pair of loafers will keep you walking comfortably under the sun, rain or any other weather condition, and they will offer a great addition to your wardrobe.

The buckle ankle strap flats are special flat shoes that take a step further by providing some buckles or straps to ensure that the flat wears are strapped perfectly and conveniently around your ankles. The ankle straps work perfectly with virtually all dresses and accessories, and the fact that they come in black colour even make it easier to match them with other fashion wears and accessories.

The Tibi tie sleeve sweater is another newly added piece of fashionable sweater here. This sweater is not just a casual sweater, it can be worn on top of your jeans, or pants. Some ladies may even spot it over a skirt because it goes virtually with anything. The sculpted one-shoulder top is one of the most beautiful tops a lady should consider on Tibi’s line of products. This top is ideal for those who love baring one side of their shoulder. It comes with lots of spaces inside, thus making you comfortable all day long, and its red colour is simply bold and vibrant enough to create a statement.


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