Tibi fashion brands- top range products you must check out

Tibi New York Based Fashion brand is a special brand that mostly caters for the needs of the ladies and that is why it is dependable and reliable brands where you can virtually find anything you want.  Here are some of the top range products every lady must check out.

The asymmetrical off-shoulder satin blouse is quite unique in every day. The satin fabric is a premium and comfortable fabric every woman would love to add to their wardrobes, because it is different from all other fabric textures. With the off-shoulder design at the top, you can simply show off a part of you, confidently. The slit flared arson pant is another new addition here and it is an incredibly sexy pant designed to bring out your figure and still remain comfortable on you. The pant comes with a “bell bottom” while the mid region is slim and then expands at the top.

Step into a comfortable feeling with the Applique lace cami from Tibi and enjoy the warm black colour, as well as the comfortable straps at the top. There is a transparent lace-like design at the bottom left side of this comfortable cami that gives you some more sexy feeling especially in the night. Similar to the applique lace cami top, is the applique lace pant that feels just stunning and comfortable as you can get it. The applique lace bias dress is quite long and it may extend to your feet. It has a comfortable hip size that makes it fit perfectly with every user and also has two strap ends at the top.

The sunray pleated flume midi skirt from Tibi, is another stunning midi skirt you should consider. It comes in a gold colour with a comfortable waist and ankle length. It is a premium branded wear for those who love the boldness and uniqueness of champagne gold colour skirts. The Savannah off-shoulder halter top may not be a top you spot everyday but this classy and elegant top is fast gaining grounds because of its extravagant design. The gleam turtleneck sweater is another brand wear that gets your entire upper boy covered. Its wooly fabric structure makes it very comfortable to wear all day.

The back décolleté oversized sweater from Tibi is a simple sweater that can get you all wrapped within. It is an oversized sweater but its adjustable wrist design will make it stay smart on you, therefore you don’t have to worry about its size. The mock neck tie sleeve blouse is a sparkling white colour blouse with a special sleeve and wrist cut-out design that is simply awesome. The mock neck can serve as an office or any other official wear, and you may also consider it for some semi-informal occasions. Similarly, the asymmetrical one-shoulder top is another simple, yet classy wear you may want to consider, especially for its almost neutral colour and fascinating design. Tibi is always adding new stylish and timeless pants and tops to its range of collections and they are worth checking out.


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