Underpinning Services

Underpinning is the process through which faulty or improperly developed foundations can be repaired. Underpinning can also be used to increase the foundation depth for an object. One of the tell tale signs that an object or building may need underpinning services is when crack become visible within the object. When foundation cracks are greater than a certain specification, this may indicate signs of an improper or faulty foundations in which case underpinning services may be required.

Residential or commercial objects may also consider underpinning if they plan on expanding their current object by adding additional stories. Additional stories would require additional support to maintain the structure and to prevent future damage i.e. cracks.

There are a number of other similar services such as foundation repair and slab jacking that can be provided. It is important to note that services like these need to be adequately assessed, appraised and analysed before a quote can be provided. Similarly, materials may need to be gathered before a job can be started (see below for variable and fixed costs).

Here’s an excerpt from an online enquirer:

An underpinner who has been doing this for a long time came and inspected my double storey home. After drawing up a plan and recommending five concrete pours underneath the extension, he quoted $13,500 -$15,000. Since he has a structural engineer on board and other workers, the quote won’t require me to find additional workers. While it does seem an expensive project, the only alternative is to let the cracks get wider which isn’t ideal.’

Slabjacking is a custom and special concrete repair technology. The process involves lifting a sunken concrete slab by pumping a grout through the concrete. This effectively pushes up the slab from below.

Slabjacking is a complicated process and there are usually high costs associated with it. Fixed costs for providers include slabjacking production trucks which can cost in excess of six figures. Then there are also labour, insurance as well as other overheads. The amount of gout material used for the job will form part of variable costs. Projects with large voids (which take more material to lift) will present additional cost to the provider, which will be on-charged to the client.

Other variables such as hole patching may also affect the overall cost of a job. With so many variables, it is important the service provider has a proven track record and sound experience with slab jacking. Otherwise, the service may be less than satisfactory.

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Undergoing foundation repair is an extremely costly and time-consuming affair. It requires a significant amount of excavation around the home, mounting the structure on supports, constructing the new foundation, and then placing the structure back on it.

 What you need to know

Every foundation issue can be attributed to soil conditions surrounding the home. When that soil loosens, water is allowed to penetrate into basements and crawl spaces. Eventually, foundation repair will be needed to correct the situation. Both new and old foundations alike are subject to foundation problems. So it is important to have permanent solutions applied in order to prevent any future problems from developing. The first step to creating a strong structure is to ensure that the foundation of it is problem-free.

Damage types explained

Cosmetic damage usually shows up first with cracks in the exterior brick and the interior sheet rock walls and ceilings. This is quite disturbing to a homeowner whose home is their largest investment. These cosmetic cracks will usually prompt a homeowner to take action and call a foundation repair company to inspect the foundation and determine what if any repairs need to be done and, most importantly; how much the repairs will cost.

Functional damages are classified as parts of the structure that no longer function properly. Functional damage signs are doors that will not completely close or latch, Windows that won’t open or close properly, Huge gaps in the brick and mortar causing cold or hot air to enter the home. When the foundation gets distorted the framework and brickwork get distorted and out of level. Functional damages usually require piers or underpinning to level the foundation and correct the distorted areas.

Structural damages are the worst of the three levels. signs of structural damage are huge breaks in the foundation, sheet rock, walls and ceilings to a point where foundation repair may cause it to damage more. If your foundation has these signs you should hire a structural engineer to design a scope of repair. You should also inquire from the engineer what best foundation repair companies he has had experience with to repair the foundation. One of the best referrals for a foundation repair company is from an engineer.

To determine the cost of foundation repair depends on the amount of underpinning or piers required to level the foundation. The estimator will determine the number of piers. A repair estimate is not broke down by labour and materials. An estimator or an engineer will figure how many piers it will take to properly repair the foundation and multiply the number of piers times the cost per pier. A decent size job of ten piers or more will usually be a lower pier price than a smaller job. The fewer the number of piers the more money the foundation company will charge per pier to repair the foundation.

Finally, multiple quotes may help weed out exorbitantly high service providers. This will help the decrease the cost of your slab jacking or underpinning service.