The Most Suitable Part Time Jobs for College Students

The high fees for college often force a college student looking for a part time job. But, some of them also look for a part time job to get a working experience or only fill their summer holiday. Not only the part time job workers who look for a job, but it’s also the opportunity for the employer to get a hand of help. So, what are the suitable part time jobs for college student to help them earn cash?

Academic Tutor

Tutoring can be considered as one of the best part time jobs for college students. You can choose one of the subjects which you’re most confidence on it such as mathematics, nature science, social science, linguistic, etc. The easiest one is tutoring elementary students, but if you’re capable enough, you can choose to tutor high school students preparing for SAT or ACT, even the older.

You should prepare in advance the performance goals clearly then set your own hourly charge. Tutoring job also give you more flexible working hours only adjust to your pupil’s schedule. Do the tutoring time for once, twice or more per week as negotiated until the goal are met.

Private Language Teacher

Now, there are more people learning second language to add their specs, especially on speaking materials. If you’re an expert in second language from your mother language, you should take this opportunity. By teaching others, it can be the other way to maintain your ability on foreign language. You should also establish the learning goal, your cost, and class schedule like mentioned on academic tutor above.

Office Assistant

Do you look for an experience on office work or want to establish your organizational skill? Well, you should start to look for in the nearest area such as your campus office. Most of departments in campus usually open recruitment for student as part time office assistant especially in the busiest semester time. Usually you will responsible for answering phone calls, data entry, maintaining files, scheduling appointments, or many others. It can be the best part time jobs to develop your future career especially in working office area.

Paid Intern

Much alike office assistant, paid intern will give you experience on office environment. If you’re upperclassmen and already choose your major, you can consider take an internship in your interested field. Lots of companies always look for college student intern. You don’t also need to worry about the times; the companies will understand that you still need times for study, so they will allow you to not work full time.

Freelance Writer

For college students who have interest in journalism or ability in writing good articles, freelance writer is the most suitable part time job for you. Since the job allows you to work from anywhere and the time is usually flexible, you can work at ease while earning a good income. There are some online sites where you can find this job or you can choose on the specific company to be worked.

Babysitter/Pet Sitter

Well, babysitter is the suitable job for you if you can play along well with kids or baby. Since this job require you times, efforts, and patience, you should think a lot before take one. Meanwhile pet sitter might be easier for you. You only need to take the dog for walk, playing with cat, and give them foods. The opportunity is well open because recently lots of families have less time to take care their kids or pets while working.

Part time jobs can be considered as one of must-to-do activities for college students. There are lots of benefits got from it. So, have you decided which one is the most suitable part time job for you?

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