Hair transplant surgery; what options do you have?

Hair Transplant

Are you thinking about hair transplant surgery? If so, then you must know that these hair transplants are becoming quite popular now, as they are currently the best and real way to restore your growing hair naturally.

In hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles which are not genetically susceptible to balding and hair present on back and sides of your head are taken and then surgically replanted into the balding area. These transplanted hairs are not genetically programmed to be lost. Therefore, most of this transplanted hair begins to continue growing for a lifetime, and give a fuller head of hair and a best youthful look.

But what good options do you have if you are planning for hair transplant surgery? In this post, you are going to learn some possible treatments that could help you restore your hair naturally.

Hair Transplant

Follicular unit transplantation: (FUT)

This is the most common type of transplant available currently. It’s also named as FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) or strip method and it has been around for a very long time.

With the help of this best method, a narrow strip of your hair is taken from some back side of the scalp. Then the grafts from this strip are usually separated and implanted into your balding areas. The donor area is also closed up with different sutures or staples. These will be then removed in few days or even starts to absorb.

It depends on multiple factors; you can have some small scar in the donor area which will be covered by hairs. This estimated downtime can usually run from 1 week to one month, depending on your situation like how better you can heal, etc.

Follicular unit extraction:

FUE Hair transplant is quite new technique that some doctors have started to offer. It usually involves harvesting the hair follicle separately from some back and sides of your head. After that, each hair follicle is carefully transplanted into your balding area. There will be no scalpel strip cutting involve or any kind of deep surgery with this method.

There are lots of benefits, the best one is you will get less scarring with this method and the recovery time is also much shorter. This is an efficient method for people who want to get “touch-ups” as they will also lose their hair over time.

Transplant revision:

FUE Hair transplant is for all the people that have had some worst results with their previous transplant and now want to fix it. Since some innovative techniques are also used today like some finer hairs are harvested and then transplanted. Surgeons can easily touch up and then fix this poor hairline that wasn’t done correctly some years ago.

In addition, some people have a very large scar from this dangerous FUT surgery. But now they also want to wear as their hair is quite short. So they also want to hide the scar as much as they can. This method basically involves the transplantation of hairs into visible scar line to efficiently camouflage the scar line.

The major benefit is that if you are feeling embarrassed about your bad hair transplant surgery, so then you can get it easily fixed with the help of any right surgeon. The downside is that this is quite expensive than the above mentioned methods.

So these are some bets options you can choose for your hair transplant. Moreover, if you are living in Dubai, then it would be quite easier for you as you can consult with some professional surgeons for best hair transplant in Dubai in very affordable manner. So consider the options twice and consult with your doctors before choosing any method.




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