Best Defense Guns for your home

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In the case of a break-in at your home, you should have something much better than a bat. Ensure the safety of your family and property. You should support yourself with the presence of some strong and protective weapon. It is your social right and in light of all the political and societal issues in these days it is necessary to have a gun. You should know about the Top 10 Defense Guns in the World to be in a position for buying yourself the best option possible. Making a legal purchase is necessary. There are a number of guns present in the market for your protection. We provide you the qualities and necessary details about some of the best guns present in the market to ensure security.

Why should you possess a gun?

First of all, it is your legal right to have a gun for defense. The sense of security a gun provides you in the case of any intrusion and invasion of criminal is necessary for living a peaceful life. Most of the population in civilized nations now holds one gun per person to maximize the security level in your home. The fear is enough for the criminal to avoid any serious circumstance, for this reason, most of the criminals avoid break-in when the homeowner is present at home.

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Possession of a gun is your personal decision and it differs according to circumstances. You should consider the odds and make the best trade-off among owning a gun and risk factor involved.

Top 10 Defense Guns in the World

Here are the top 10 defense guns that one should have in case of any discrepancy.

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

It is really light in weight and handy. For your private defense, it is the best option that you can use. It has multiple options including laser, frames and multiple designs in gripping. This is also available in multiple price ranges depending on the qualities it has.

SIG Sauer P226

The up to date design of this pistol with the finest quality is the best feature. Many military officials and other professionals use it for their personal defense worldwide. The versatile design gives it the unique look among all. It is really easy to take down this gun with the reliability in handling.

Mossberg 500

In length, you should keep two things in mind, the length of pull as well as the length of the barrel. For your home defense, 18 inches barrel should be the best choice because handling a long gun will cause more problems for you. In this regard, Mossberg 500/590 is the best option for your home. It is comparatively less expensive and has a short range which is perfect for home usage. The ultimate benefit of this gun is that it as natural controls which are easy to handle.

Glock C19

It is a semi-automatic gun with 8o’s design. It has the qualification to serve even the skilled and professional shooters. The length is less that makes it handy. It is one of the most simple and trustworthy guns available in the market. The gun is in the fourth generation and it has always served best.

Ruger LCP

The most classic benefit of semi-automatic guns is that they have more rounds than the normal revolvers. One of the best guns that suit to this criterion is Ruger.  These guns are semi-automatic with amazing features to offer. They are not as good and reliable as revolvers because they are handier due to light weight and easy to control but the capacity they offer is great in terms of shot rounds.

Colt 1911

It is most famous among military shooters. This gun is safe because of the proper lock system it offers and tight grip. The smart and smooth design makes I look attractive. The maintenance and controls are also really easy in this gun in comparison to other guns.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This is also one of the best choices for your home defense. It is semi-automatic with the ultimately best protection and shield. In this era of competition Smith & Wesson are producing the best guns for defense purpose. It has a large demand among the users because of the slim and light weighted design.

Colt Expanse M4

One of the most reliable and precise guns in the market is present with the name of Colt Expanse. It serves multiple purposes because of the flexibility in its design. The lightweight design with the availability of high level of customization for the users it is popular among user.

Remington 870

The length of this gun is more than other guns but all the other features make it much attractive. The 18.5 inches bore and hardwood edition is really awesome for the protection of your home and property. It is widely used in homes across the country for protection and really serves the purpose.

Taurus Judge

They are pretty simple to handle than other automatic guns. Taurus Judge Revolver is one of the most reliable options in this scenario. Taurus Company has made people’s imagination into reality by offering one of the best guns in the form of home defense guns. Plus points of Taurus Judge Revolvers are here. They have a large cylinder with a long shell. The weight is much less than other shotguns making it handy. The rubber grip is awesome to hold and offer more grip on the gun to give a secure and smooth shot. Another amazing feature is a key lock; this allows the user to securely lock the system.

This article is a comprehensive guide to show you what is best for you to choose for your self-defense. Make it very clear in your mind that what are your requirements. While making a decision take a brief look at the Top 10 Defense Guns in the World, they will help you in decision making. But keep one thing in mind, make a choice that suits you the best, the gun which is more comfortable in your hands and feels good to hold.


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